Modular Desks For Office

Our Products Speak For Themselves.

So why should you buy our products?

Because we have a lot of experience in the home furniture trade that has given us the knowledge to know the best techniques and ways to make strong furniture that is built with quality and will last for years and years to come. Another reason as to why you should come with us when shopping for desks and furniture for your office is because a large majority of our furniture will be delivered to you fully assembled. However a few of the units are too awkward to send in one piece so before dispatch they are assembled and then disassembled at the factory to ensure problem free reassembly on arrival.

The main concern when ording furniture is that it might turn up on your doorstep ‘flat pack’ with several unrecgnisable pieces and that inevitable bag of loose fittings. We would like to assure you that due to the design of our furniture, panels simply lock together by tightening the built in fittings with a crosshead screwdriver. Added to this we also include easy to read assembly instructions and there is always someone on the end of the phone willing to help you. You will find if a unit or piece of furniture requires assembly in the description of each of our products.

Benefits Of Modular Desks For Office

Easy To Assemble

Guides and Instructions That Are Easy To Read

Great Delivery Service

Amazing Quality

Not ‘flat pack’


A lot of businesses have great deals but don’t offer delivery.

This means you have to pick it up yourself and try and fit it into your car.

With R White Cabinets we offer delivery with every purchase so you don’t have to worry about anything.

How Does Our Products Get To You?

We have our own delivery service.

When you have ordered a piece of furniture from us we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery time a few days before we are going to deliver. All of our deliveries are free to mainland UK. Please be aware that because our products are made with superior quality they may need assistance for room placement. Our policy is to give our customers the standard of service we would wish for ourselves. Renowned for our flexibility and helpfulness, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and high standards having received a lot of positive feedback from our customers.

What Does Our Furniture Offer To You?

Our furniture can make your working life from home much easier and more organised than ever before.

Do you like working from home but there is paperwork and things all over your desk that makes it cluttered and unorganised? Well with our desk sets you will be able to have drawers built to the desk that will allow you to pack away the clutter and organise any paperwork that you might have wondering around. There is a lot of choice in our range and this gives you a lot of freedom to what you can pick and how you will be able to use the unit. Let your imagination run wild with the potencial that our desk sets could bring to you and your working life.

Stock Your Home With Modular Desks For Office Today!

A family-run furniture business trading in Dorset since 1991.

More and more people are working from home due to the pandemic. Yet, many have found that they felt a little lost without a designated office space. Sure, the joys of modern technology allowed us to work wherever we wanted – in the bedroom, kitchen, or dining room – but there was always one thing missing. There’s just no replacing the humble desk. So, if you work from home and are looking for ways to improve your space, investing in new home office furniture is a great idea.

Enjoy your work . . . and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Strike the perfect balance between work and play and expand your home office with our modular office furniture today. Our range makes it easy for you to curate your ideal home office with variable shapes, sizes, and styles to complement the taste in your space. Our policy has always been to give our customers the standard of service we wish for ourselves. R White Cabinets is renowned for its flexibility and helpfulness. We pride ourselves on our high-quality artistry and delighted responses from customers. We are always willing to discuss your requirements.

So, if you need modular desks for office, get in touch.


Peace Of Mind – All Furniture Pieces Are Easily Assembled If Not Already Assembled.

Reliability – Our Units and Furniture Will Last For Years To Come.

Great Customer Service – As A Family Business We Make Sure All Customers Are Looked After.

Precise Manufacturing – Because We Do All The Manufacturing You Know The Product Is Going To Be The Best It Can Be.