Modular Home Office Furniture

Effectively utilised modular home office furniture will BOOST your productivity

We need three things to do our best work: clear goals, time to focus, and a distraction-free workspace.

Perfect productivity doesn’t happen overnight – but it is achievable. All it takes is some dedicated planning and rearranging of our modular home office furniture solutions. You might currently have a basic home office setup. This might be a safe space that’s done you well for the past eight years. Yet, whilst this space was beautiful at first, you may well have accumulated tons of stuff over time and let it get a bit messy.

If this sounds familiar, you might be due a little refresh.

Here at R Whites Cabinets, we thrive on the appeal of a blank canvas. If you find yourself in such a situation – pulled taut by the clutter of your surroundings – why not start anew? Refit your office and design it fresh from the ground up. Before you do, however, you need to bear in mind two things:

⬛ | This is an office space
⬛ | This is still your home

You’ll need a space that lets you dive deep into work and incorporates systems that help you focus on the most critical day-to-day tasks. However, depending on your available space, we also recommend a sort of decompression area. Somewhere you can go to unwind from time to time. Fortunately, modular home office furniture adapts to YOU. Rather than having to kowtow to the limitations of traditional furniture, modular home office furniture is far more flexible.

Benefits of modular home office furniture

Boost productivity via synergy and promote a better working environment

Create storage space and say goodbye to a cluttered and disorganised mess

Coordinated modular home office furniture prevents sensory overload

Promote professionalism and trustworthiness for anyone looking for an insight

Maximise efficiency and comfort with ergonomically designed furniture


Despite Gen Z being a lot more mobile-oriented, we're all guilty of spending a day sitting on our sofa. However, despite seeming like an easy option, there's no substitute for a sturdy and reliable piece of office furniture.

Studying in a communal space, such as your kitchen or living room, can have a negative impact on your work or studies. After all, such collaborative spaces are often noisy and chocked full of distractions.

However, high-quality modular home office furniture can help you avoid potential health problems. It encourages you to create a personalised study area that's productive, allows you to settle and focus and will help you see results.

Here’s how you set up your space with modular home office furniture

We suggest blocking out your space in a manner that suits you best.

By this, we mean you should use something intuitive and something that you’re familiar with. This can be anything from a tried and tested programme to plotting it all down on a simple piece of paper. Whatever you do, getting the concept out of your head will make it more of a concrete abstraction. This way you can determine the general layout before making significant efforts or purchases.

Now, if you’re anything like us, we like minimal and dark spaces.

Having cleared the current office space, we’d paint two of the walls dark grey. And, if you can colour match this to other areas of your home, even better. Once the space is cleaned and painted, it’s time to begin accumulating modular home office furniture to meet your essential needs. To start things off, you’ll need the perfect desk. We recommend buying one with a lot of real estate to work on; that’s the optimal height for sitting and standing. We argue it should be best for both because standing adds a little more immediacy to a task and gives you a reason to get up several times a day. We’ll touch on this a little more in the next section. However, you’ll ordinarily be seated when it’s time to create and do some critical thinking.

To sit comfortably for long sprints, use an ergonomic chair.

An ergonomic chair will fit smoothly with your new modular home office furniture. It will allow you to forget about your surroundings and keep you focused on work. You want to create a consistent aesthetic for the remainder of your space. It’s best to try and match the rest of your modular home office furniture with one another. In this case, we’re settling on the English Oak to pair our desk and the dark-painted walls. Maximise your desk space with an office desk shelf that elevates your monitor, and you can even use a vertical dock for your laptop. Accessories-wise, you’ll likely have a keyboard, mouse, speakers and maybe a dock to charge your phone when it’s not in use.

While having focus is very important, little breaks throughout the day are just as valuable.

If you have any available space, it’s worth implementing a cosy corner to help you relax and add a little warmth to your room. This corner of your office should be specially designed for decompression. Get something like a big comfy Barcelona chair surrounded by beautiful green indoor plants. A round rug on the floor will help to anchor the open area visually, and the organic shape of the plants will break up any straight lines in the room. This corner will allow rest your brain so you can collect your thoughts in between sprints of work.

To promote mental clarity, it’s best to keep your space visually minimal.

This isn’t a necessity, but with all the devices we use nowadays, each comes with a surplus of wires. To tame this mess, route everything underneath and behind the desk using adhesive cable clips and velcro ties. For power, mount a power strip underneath the desk using a 3M frame adhesive. Alongside this, it’s worth screwing in an additional power strip on the side. To keep your desk clutter-free, it’s worth installing matching modular home office furniture. This way, you can have quick access to any writing tools. Get a vintage coat rack to hang your jacket or backpack to the side of your desk. Across the room, modular home office furniture can store any books you often reference, ideas of the past, or boxes for things you rarely access. Besides delving into a brilliant lighting setup, that’s our perfect productive workspace. If done correctly, there will still be a lot of space in the room for more modular home office furniture. However, it’s best to keep things minimal and live in the space a bit before adding anything more.

What can you do with modular home office furniture to make it more ergonomic?

Most desks aren’t really built for you. They were built for anyone and everyone.

Okay, so you’ve just received your modular home office furniture. In this instance, we’re going to hone in on your desk. But a workstation is nothing without your chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, plant, or chair. Now, let’s go back to that desk. The problem with most desks is that despite being modular home office furniture – they weren’t really built for you. They were built for anyone and everyone. However, spending eight hours a day reaching, slouching, or craning can lead to pain.

So, we’ll explain how to make your workstation more ergonomic so that you can avoid this pain later on in life.

Step #1 | Adjust your chair
Bring out a tape measure and measure the following for yourself. On average, you’ll find that a desk will measure 29-30 inches tall. For some, this could be too tall or too short – and that’s where your chair comes in.

⬛ | First thing’s first – adjust the height. When you do, ensure your elbows are bent to 90°
⬛ | Feet not touching the floor? This could become an issue. Invest in a footstool
⬛ | If you don’t have access to a footrest, we recommend using a ream of paper

Step #2 | Adjust your monitor
The tip is to have the monitor close enough – about arm’s length. You should be able to read without having to strain your eyes or bend forward and adjust your posture. So what you want to do is raise the monitor up ’til the top of the screen is eye level. If your monitor’s not adjustable in height, use your reams of paper; much better.

⬛ | If you work from two monitors, consider how you use them
⬛ | If you have a primary monitor, you want that directly in front of you
⬛ | If you use both monitors equally, you want them lined up, so you are in the middle of the two
⬛ | Have a laptop? Use a kickstand to raise the screen to the proper height so it’s eye level
⬛ | Using the kickstand, you can comfortably attach an external keyboard and mouse to it

Step #3 | Mind your mouse and keyboard
Where your hands end up is where your keyboard should be. Your mouse should end up right next to your keyboard. You want to move from your elbow instead of your shoulder to prevent overuse, strain, or pain. The key is not to reach for your tools.
Step #4 | Position your phone
You want to put the phone on your non-writing side so you don’t have to cradle it to your shoulder. This could eventually lead to neck pain. If you’re on the phone a good portion of your day, you want to consider using a headset. That way, your hands are free to write down anything or to type on the computer.
Step #5 | Move

After 10-15 minutes, we all slump in our chairs. So here are some basic exercises you can do while sitting in your chair.

⬛ | The first exercise is a chin tuck – as the name says, tuck your chin back
⬛ | The second is for your upper traps – bend your and gently pull for a little more oomph
⬛ | The third exercise is called a scapular retraction – squeeze your shoulders back
⬛ | The fourth exercise is for your lower back – it’s known as a pelvic tilt

The most important thing for making your modular home office furniture more ergonomic is simple. Just get up out of your chair every hour. Get up and walk, get something to eat, drink – just get up!

Single Units

Arrange pieces to suit your space.

The magic of modular units is that you can alter your home to fit your function. Whether you dream of professional working spaces or a quiet section for yourself, you can achieve just that.

Available Colours:

⬛ | Black Havana
⬛ | Classic Oak
⬛ | English Oak
⬛ | Grey Nebraska
⬛ | Sandstone
⬛ | White

Desk Sets

Pride in our work takes 1st place.

Browse our tasteful and multi-functional desk sets. Each has a contemporary design that will help maximise your space and transform any home area into a comfortable sanctuary.

Available Colours:

⬛ | Black Havana
⬛ | Classic Oak
⬛ | English Oak
⬛ | Grey Nebraska
⬛ | Sandstone
⬛ | White

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Enjoy your work . . . and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

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