Rectangular Desk

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800×800 ATRE80PCM (panel leg) ATRE80ICMS (cantilever leg)
1000×800 ATRE10PCM (panel leg) ATRE10ICMS (cantilever leg)
1200×800 ATRE12PCM (panel leg) ATRE12ICMS (cantilever leg)
1400×800 ATRE14PCM (panel leg) ATRE14ICMS (cantilever leg)
1600×800 ATRE16PCM (panel leg) ATRE16ICMS (cantilever leg)
1800×800 ATRE18PCM (panel leg) ATRE12ICMS (cantilever leg)

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A versatile range of adaptable desking. Offers generous workspace with 25mm double wave top, cable ports and stylish cantilever or panel leg option. Optional metal modesty panels enhance an elegant look.

Available in 5 colours. 10 year warranty.