Wave Top Screen

Product codes & sizes:
Specify colour.
1500-1200h x 830w FTSS/15128W
1500-1200h x 1030w FTSS/151210W
1500-1200h x 1230w FTSS/151212W
1500-1200h x 1630w FTSS/151216W
1500-1200h x 1830w FTSS/151218W
1200-1000h x 830w FTSS/12108W
1200-1000h x 1030w FTSS/121010W
1200-1000h x 1230w FTSS/121012W
1200-1000h x 1630w FTSS/121016W
1200-1000h x 1830w FTSS/121018W

Stabilising feet (see feet)



Functional, wave topped screen. Ideal for creating private meeting areas or dividing office space.
Available in a wide choice of colours and sizes.
Supplied with standard stabilising feet.