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Custom Home Office Furniture

It is possible for us to make bespoke office furniture to match our range and are often asked to do so. If you are left with a space which matches none of our standard sizes, most of our pieces can be tailored to fit. It is stated on the unit’s description if suitable for alteration. You will need to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Continuous Tops

Replacing the individual tops in a run of units with a smooth seamless surface will further enhance that fitted effect and can also create a useful kneehole space.

Continuous tops replace existing single tops and can cover any run of base or mid level units up to 2.5m with the exception of the corner desk and regular desk. Please advise us on the units you wish to cover and in what order they are to be placed. The pieces to be covered would arrive with temporary tops for transit and the continuous top fits over when all the furniture is in place.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
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Bookcases and Cupboards

Bookcases and cupboards are particularly versatile for alteration as any width, depth or height is possible.
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Desk Links

Desk Links are useful to create a kneehole space of any width in a run of units or individually with a drawer unit to create a small desk.
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Regular Desks

The Regular Desk is a standalone desk as it is deeper than the other base units, however any size is possible. Several of the base units are available at a reduced height to fit under the desk. If castors are fitted to the unit, the pelmet is removed from the desk.
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Desk Hutches

All our hutches correspond in width to the base and mid units yet many customers ask for specific sizes in height, width and depth which we are happy to supply. There is also an option for full length doors.